Safe Nights

Unfortunately, domestic violence affects the lives of families in our community every day. Because we believe that every night should be a Safe Night, the Advocates have joined with the Summit Daily News to create the Safe Nights Calendar.  The Safe Nights Calendar is published in the newspaper every Tuesday.  This is your opportunity to help us work towards making each night of the year a safe one.  Your donation of just $50.00 will cover the cost of one night of shelter.  You can recognize a special date (anniversary, birthday or holiday) or a loved one.  On the date you sponsor, the Safe Nights Calendar will publish your name or the gift recipient’s name.  If you are giving the Safe Nights in someone else’s honor, a Safe Night card will be sent to them from the Advocates.

We are asking the community to contribute to our Safe Nights Campaign to help us raise a total of $5,000 in order to keep our Safe House as a vital resource to victims.  We are looking for both individual and business donors.

You can make a difference in the lives of families in crisis by sponsoring a Safe Night today.  Call to reserve your Safe Nights by phone at (970) 668-3906 or contribute using the button below.  You may not see their faces or know their names.  However, because of your donation, a family may sleep peacefully for a night.