Clothesline Project: Outreach For Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and we are doing a new outreach program to empower victims and survivors of sexual assault. Advocates for Victims of Assault are partnering with Colorado Mountain College and the Forensic Nurse Exam Program this year for Summit County’s first ever Clothesline project. The Clothesline Project is nationally and internationally recognized event where survivors and victims break the silence of violence. The Tshirts are an avenue for people to share their stories.

We want to hear your story and have your voice be heard. Please click the link below to share your story of violence.

To learn more about the clothesline project and it’s history please visit

If you have any questions about the Clothesline Project or want to get involved as a volunteer please contact Jessica Goncalves at 970-485-5333

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